10 Things Clients Hate and How to Avoid Them


  1. Thomas Malone on Building Smarter TeamsA generic approach
  2. Overselling
  3. Long slide decks
  4. Wanting business immediately
  5. Not respecting their time
  6. Overreaching
  7. Surprises
  8. Going over their head
  9. Making them look bad
  10. Not delivering

What Clients Hate I just read a series of great posts on Andrew Sobel’s blog on “Things Clients Hate.” I thought you’d see value in these and so I’ll share the top 10 with you today, plus my notes on each… A generic approach – When you approach a client, send them information about your consulting services and how you can help them or give them a presentation, are you customizing it for them…or are you reusing your materials? If the latter, this may be coming off as ‘generic’ to your clients and doesn’t show them you care about [...]