Future Trends – Sensing the Future

Future Trends – Sensing the Future 

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Future Trends

GE is focused on an “Industrial Internet” concept.   The idea is that industrial equipment would take with each other and share data intended to improve operations.  Intelligent sensors would be part of this equation.

Why is this important?  The article offers an example,  “companies use our gas turbines to generate 25% of the world’s electricity.  A one percent savings in fuel is worth $4.5 billion….” 

Another aspect of the “industrial internet” concept is making devices that connect to the internet more intelligent.  “Real-time, no SQL, Hadoop and other kinds of big data technologies”  provide hope that in the future data will be managed more effectively and efficiently than in the past.   Predictive analytics will become more and more important.   

Sensing the Future Before It OccursWilliam Ruh (General Electric), interviewed by Michael Fitzgerald William Ruh is vice president and general corporate officer of General Electric’s global software headquarters, which opened in mid-2012 in San Ramon, Calif. Ruh says that he never thought he’d work at an industrial company, having spent most of his working life in technology; most recently, he was at Cisco, where he was head of global services and solutions. But he says that General Electric convinced him it was serious about the potential transformative effect of software in industrial environments. Now Ruh is the point person for GE on its “Industrial Internet” concept, a version of the idea of the Internet of things in which industrial machines connect to other machines and share data that will help companies improve operations. A key to the Industrial Internet is leveraging intelligent sensors in new ways. MIT Sloan Management Review contributing editor on Digital Transformation Michael Fitzgerald talked with Ruh by phone about why intelligent sensors matter. Why is GE pushing this Industrial Internet now? Change is coming from two dimensions. There’s the business dimension, because of the economies around the world not seeing huge GDP growth we saw in the past.

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