How to Promote Your Consulting Business

Joe Favorito

How to Promote Your Consulting Business 

BY Lou Dubois@lou_dubois

But how do you stand out from the other thousands of consultants out there? It’s all about relationships, networking and word-of mouth. In this guide, we’ll explore how best to capitalize on those existing traits, why advertising may harm more than help your consulting business, and how the best consultants promote themselves.

How to Promote Your Consulting Business: A Success Story

Joe Favorito is somewhat legendary in the world of sports publicity. Talk to many in the industry, and he’s known simply as “Joe Fav” and described as one of the most intelligent, nicest guys you’ll ever meet. In his lengthy and impressive career, Favorito has worked for the Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks, United States Tennis Association and the now defunct International Fight League, all on a full-time basis.  But when IFL went out of business three years ago, Joe threw himself into the vast world of “full-time consultants,” and business has been great ever since.

In those three years, Joe has never sought out a client or business, or spent a dime on marketing or advertising. And his current roles read like a Chinese food menu: sports marketing and publicity blogger, Huffington Post contributor, producer of a sports marketing newsletter with over 20,000 subscribers, instructor at Columbia University, associate producer of the Broadway show Lombardi, author of Sports Publicity and more. That’s on top of his consulting business, where he works with big-name clients from Bloomberg LLC, Sports Illustrated, Comic-con, Fantasy Sports Ventures, and on and on and on.


How to promote your consulting business