The Remarkably Simple Formula For Selling Without Being Salesy


Everybody sells, they just sell differently

So, how can you sell your consulting services with feeling like you need to take a shower?

Buyers buy, they aren’t sold to

The big mistake I see a lot of folks make when selling consulting is that they focus on how they want to sell rather than how customers want to buy.

As I wrote before, there is a discrete buying process that each client goes through from defining a problem to signing a contract. And, they very much like to be in control of it.

They’ll gather as much information as possible to decide which consultants and solutions will deliver the best results at the lowest risk.

Your job then is to give your customers the best advice, transparency and support they need to speed up the process and make a decision.

To win more business then, you simply have to provide an outstanding buying experience by being what you are: a consultant.

The formula for creating this buying experience is ridiculously simple:

Be Insightful, Be Honest, Be Responsive, Deliver Well

Being insightful means bringing ideas and experiences to the table. Clients are always looking for a fresh perspective.

Being honest means you are prepared to talk openly about project risks, the downside, the upside, probabilities, caveats etc.

Being responsive means getting back to clients right away.

Delivering well is the seed of any consulting business. You have to back up your brand promise with results.

Bonus Tip! Have other people sell for you!